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The University of Tennessee Space Institute

UTSI Computer Services

Frequently Used Tools:

Student Orientation Notes


  • Copyright infringement (illegal downloads.)
  • Cracking – Unauthorized access of UTSI Resources
  • Scanning UTSI Network
  • Promulgating/Instigating Virii/Trojans/Adware
  • Downloading (or offering for download) copyrighted materials
  • Shared drives – especially unprotected

The Big Do

  • Read the University of Tennessee Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Updates (OS & Software Security Updates should be applied regularly.
    (Ex. - IE Explorer -> Tools -> Windows Update)
  • Have an up to date Anti-Virus Program -
    Currently, Faculty and Staff use MS Forefront - Students are encouraged to use the free version of Windows Security Essentials.

What We Do For You

  • Email account - 5000MB quota with warning at 4500 mb
    An alternative is to sign up for a VolMail account at UTK and have your UTSI account forwarded there.
  •  Library Lab access –
    login info is posted in the lab area. Let us know if there’s software you need (for work – within reason)
  • Laptop, projector, and digital camera can be checked out from Computer Services for student use. (Use the form on the Service Requests page to reserve eqipment.)
  • Assist troubleshooting problems with your personal computer equipment. Free, but no guarantees.

Explanation of User Accounts

  • NetID - This is a Knoxville (UTK) based account. All faculty, Staff, and Students have a NetID account. It is used to register for classes, access Blackboard, library journals - most anything associated with Knoxville based resources. You also have an email account associated with NetID ( More information about VolMail.
  • UTSI Account - Used to access UTSI email and login to Windows domain PCs.


UTSI CS Contacts

Computer Services
Univ. of TN Space Institute
411 B.H. Goethert Parkway
Tullahoma, TN 37388

Kanawful Massingille, CIO/Director
ph (931) 393-7271

Terry Garner,
IT Administrator
ph (931) 393-7252

Memorial for
Lisa Lehman